Face Recognition & Mobile Ordering Solution

A Great Meal Starts With The Menu

An interactive web ordering system that is supported with the latest IoT technologies for F&B and retail businesses to boost sales and cost performance.

Easy & Personalized Web Menu Ordering for F&B and Retail

All order flow and information can be monitored via iPAD app

Simply scan table QR Code to start for ordering.

Engage customers with personalized and targeted promotions.

Stunning Design, Up-To-Date Menu,
Easy To Publish, Support Web Browsers, Reduce Labour Reliance,
Lower Operation Costs, Speed To Market,
AI Recommendations For Upselling
& Cross-Selling

The Essential Companion iPad App

iPad App can display all the status of table ordering. The main function of waiters is to collaborate, cross-sell and confirm menu order by customers.


Some outstanding features are:

  • Check Orders
  • Check Order History
  • Assigning / Release A Table
  • Clear Orders / Carts
  • Assign Current Orders